NVIDIA’s 28nm mobile lineup leaked

Published: 25th Aug 2011, 01:35 GMT

What does NVIDIA (NASDAQ:NVDA) have coming up for the post-Christmas GPU line? You have heard a lot about the 28nm parts, and here is what you will be seeing.

The short story is this, NVIDIA is putting out a bunch of Fermi shrinks on 28nm, and you will likely see the mobile variants first. They are as follows, with some information a bit blurred to protect the exact sub-species of mole involved.

N13M-GS1GB GDDR3 64bit~15OctoberDecember
N13P-LP1GB GDDR3 128bit~15OctoberDecember
N13P-GV1GB GDDR5 64bit~20OctoberDecember
N13P-GL1GB GDDR3 128bit~25OctoberDecember
N13P-LP1GB GDDR3 128bit~20OctoberDecember
N13P-GS2GB GDDR3/5 128bit~25OctoberDecember
N13P-GT2GB GDDR3/5 128bit~40OctoberDecember
N13E-GE2GB GDDR5 128bit~45OctoberJanuary 2012
N13E-GS12GB GDDR5 128bit~75NovemberJanuary 2012
N13E-GTX2GB GDDR5 128bit~75February 2012May 2012

A few things to note here, most notably that this is NOT the complete lineup, there are very likely to be a few 40nm parts here and there to fill in gaps. If you are paying attention to the details, you will notice that the first samples have been delayed about two months. This means a big miss on the “non-denominational winter holiday that neither affirms or denies any particular faith but allows everyone to celebrate as (bored) equals”(TM) selling season.

If you recall SemiAccurate’s analysis around Kepler’s release, this adds a bit to the mix. Short story, any Kepler based parts will trail the above by at least three months, likely more. If the first NVIDIA 28nm parts are not due to market until January, then Kepler will be almost impossible to get out in Q1. This should shock no one.S|A

by WhyCry

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