AMD FirePro Wears Multiple Hats in the Data Center

Published: 17th Aug 2011, 08:18 GMT

HARDOCP - AMD FirePro Wears Multiple Hats in the Data Center
The ability to wear multiple hats applies as much to people as it does to technology. When I’m not at work I’m a husband, father, baseball coach, hockey fan, sushi addict, foursquare fanatic and successful comedian. While that last point may be a stretch it’s no joke that I’m responsible for the development of our 2D multi-view professional graphics cards, the remote graphics family and graphics solutions for the medial medical imaging market. And earlier this year I donned the coolest hat yet when I took on our first data center solution.

AMD FirePro™ professional graphics are typically incorporated into the workstations and mobile workstations architects, engineers, animators and designers rely on to bring their creations to life. But just like me, our graphics cards are not one trick ponies ─ their ultra-fast performance, superb visual quality and massively parallel processing power can help data center managers overcome a few challenges. These managers need to find ways to do more with less, meet the computing needs of varied user groups, more efficiently maintain and support fleets of systems, and ultimately protect data and prevent leakage.

Back in May we announced plans to expand beyond workstations and bring the of AMD FirePro professional graphics into the data center to help IT address the challenges and more. The AMD FirePro™ V7800P professional graphics was our first multifunctional server solution – capable of supporting Compute, Professional Graphics and VDI deployments. It’s the only single-slot multifunctional server solution available today, is certified by Microsoft for RemoteFX and can support up to 16 virtual machines running typical office applications, and is capable of tackling the most demanding compute-intensive, data-parallel tasks. In fact, it’s the only single-slot graphics solution certified for RemoteFX that is offered by an OEM – the Dell PowerEdge M610x blade server.

AMD FirePro V7800P

For data center managers looking for a more robust solution, this week we begin shipping our newest and most powerful multifunctional sever solution, AMD FirePro™ V9800P professional graphics. Capable of wearing the same Compute, Professional Graphics and VDI hats as the AMD FirePro V7800P, the AMD FirePro V9800P brings even more to the table:

  • 4GB of GDDR5 memory
  • 2.64 TFLOPS of single precision and 528 GFLOPS of double precision floating point performance
  • Microsoft certification for RemoteFX and the ability to support up to 22 virtual machines running typical office applications
  • Remote computing experiences on par with physical systems, including rich media like full motion video and 3D applications
  • Passive cooling for silent operation and deployment flexibility
  • An affordable MSRP of $2,499 – 50% less than the competing solution*

AMD FirePro V9800P

AMD Professional Graphics are moving beyond the workstation, to take on the data center and help IT to meet the most demanding centralized computing needs. With GPU compute gaining increased adoption and the ability to implement true graphics virtualization with RemoteFX, these really are exciting times.

by WhyCry

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