PowerColor Launches Radeon HD 6990

Published: 9th Mar 2011, 11:09 GMT

PowerColor Launches the World's Fastest Graphics Card: Radeon HD 6990
TUL Corporation, a leading manufacturer of AMD graphics cards, today introduced the fastest graphics card on the planet: the PowerColor HD6990. The PowerColor HD6990 features a dual BIOS setting, allowing a hardware overdrive option from factory-supported clocks to switch to 880MHz core speed and 1250MHz memory speed. The bump enables enthusiasts to maximize gaming experience and deliver unprecedented performance.

The PowerColor HD6990 embedded digital programmable Volterra regulators in the card design, enabling a 450W-capable graphics card. The card is also equipped with dual vapor chambers, with a central blower, easily dissipating heat from GPU and cooling down the temperature, providing a stable and cool entertainment environment for hardcore enthusiasts.

“The PowerColor HD6990 is ready to tackle all the demanding game titles with dual GPU design,” says Ted Chen, CEO of TUL Corporation. “All gamers should be excited about the announcement of the fastest graphics solution ever.”

The PowerColor HD6990 has 4 mini-display port and 1 Dual-Link DVI outputs, with factory shipping adapters in the box, allowing gamers can easily enjoy the expanded gaming view with AMD Eyefinity technology; also, with the support for Microsoft DirectX 11 and ATI CrossfireX technology, it can speed up your gaming performance to its full potential like you have never imaged before.

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