NVIDIA Geforce GTX 590 in action

Published: 2nd Mar 2011, 13:17 GMT

We saw Geforce GTX 590 in action
We had a chance to see Geforce GTX 590 at Cebit. It is real, it runs and it’s coming soon. It is quiet and packs enough power to run Crysis 2 in 3D at very nice frame rates.

The card has two PCIe 2×4 power connectors and it is rather hot, something that doesn’t come as a surprise. The card looks slightly different than the EVGA card we saw at CES 2011, but the EVGA card had a custom cooler that will be different than the reference one.

The launch has not been set, sources confirm, but there is a chance for a March, Q1 2011 launch. It looks like NVIDIA wants to see Radeon HD 6990 performance and then decide on the final clocks and specs.

Once this card launches, it will be time for us to start sniffing about possible Q4 2011 28nm part launch dates.

by WhyCry

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