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Published: 27th Feb 2011, 12:49 GMT

Intel HD Graphics 3000 and Intel HD Graphics 2000 Review - X-bit labs
Sandy Bridge processors made a significant step forward in terms of computational performance compared with the previous generation products. However, they boast one more peculiarity, which we haven’t touched upon so far – the new integrated graphics core from Intel HD Graphics family. Our today’s article will dwell on the performance of this unit and its multimedia functionality.

You should have already heard that Intel has temporarily stopped shipping their chipsets for Sandy Bridge processors because of the recently found error in them. This resulted in much more serious consequences, such as the termination of LGA1155 mainboards sales and even recalls of some systems built on the new CPUs. However, despite these events, we decided not to give up posting articles dedicated to the new processors. First, the discovered error is only affecting the chipset SATA controller and doesn’t concern the actual processors at all. Second, Intel promises to resume shipping their corrected chipsets in about a few weeks from now already, so LGA1155 systems and components should come back to the market. All in all, these problems do not seem to have anything to do with the processors at all, and when things go back to normal again, everything we have to say in our today’s review will be definitely current.

by WhyCry

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