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Published: 7th Feb 2011, 11:20 GMT

InsideHW - CrossFire in Practice: Radeon HD 4850 CF vs 6850
We’ve gone through all the advantages and disadvantages of SLI and Crossfire modes many times by now. We’ve even had an article on the Hydra chip present on MSI motherboards, which enables AMD and NVIDIA graphics to work in conjunction with more or less tangible results.

Instead of getting straight to the point, let’s have a look at the global market trends in the past period. AMD (ATI) cards from the generations 4000 and 5000 beat the competition from NVIDIA in almost all segments. This was particularly noticeable back when 4000 cards first came out, but continued on into the 5000 generation and NVIDIA’s Termi – pardon me, Fermi – fiasco as well. True, Fermi has been “ironed out” in the meantime, but the process took more than six months to achieve any tangible results, and even that was done by sticking consumption-controlling chips onto the cards, with the purpose of downclocking the card when the consumption gets too high – a less than elegant solution, despite NVIDIA’s claims that no game can compel the card to such behaviour. After the excessively expensive, hot and noisy Fermi, weaker versions followed, which further sorted out the flaws to a certain extent, especially with GTX460.

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