New Sapphire HD 6970 card exposed

Published: 24th Jan 2011, 14:25 GMT

New Sapphire HD 6970 card exposed, comes with turn-key overclocking? | TechConnect Magazine
Not surprisingly, Sapphire is currently preparing the release of a customized Radeon HD 6970, a new Cayman-powered card that has a blue PCB (reference models have a black PCB) and a new, dual-slot cooler with metal inserts and what looks like a lock that can be rotated with a key or maybe a coin.

If that is indeed a lock of some kind it may be used to switch between the two BIOSes onboard, one ‘with’ stock clocks and another with higher frequencies. Unfortunately, the card’s specs are unknown so we’ll probably have to wait for Sapphire’s announcement to know what’s what. Still, you can bet the card to have 1536 Stream Processors, a 256-bit memory interface backed by 2GB of GDDR5 memory, CrossFireX support, and dual-DVI, HDMI and two mini DisplayPort outputs.

by WhyCry

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