NVIDIA’s New Entry-Level GF108 GPU Pictured

Published: 7th Aug 2010, 17:52 GMT

techPowerUp! News :: NVIDIA's New Entry-Level GF108 GPU Pictured
Barely a day after the first pictures emerged of NVIDIA’s GF106 GPU that will serve as the foundation of various mainstream SKUs, its even smaller sibling, the GF108, has come to light. Available to NVIDIA partners as qualification sample, the GF108 is a small GPU in terms of package size. The die measures around 127 mm², which is about 23% bigger than that of AMD’s entry-level Redwood GPU which makes various ATI Radeon HD 5500/5600 series SKUs.

On the engineering sample card it’s pictured on, the GPU has a plastic supportive-brace, and is neighboured by four Hynix-made DDR3 memory chips. No SKUs have yet been named that are based on this GPU, though it is expected that a certain SKU based on this will be comparable to the GeForce GT 240 in terms of performance, and compete with AMD’s ATI Radeon HD 5500/5600 series.


by WhyCry

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