Point of View TGT Series Graphics Cards

Published: 23rd Jul 2010, 19:14 GMT

Point of View Announces TGT Series Pre-Overclocked Graphics Cards

Point of View known for its range of NVIDIA based 3D Graphics cards, Netbooks and other PC products, announces today a brand new line up of Factory overclocked Graphics cards. The POINT OF VIEW TGT Series are hand selected high end models of individually overclocked Graphics Cards.

For a couple of weeks a specialized European POV/TGT Tuning team, lead by Wolfram Tismer, have been working day and night to get the maximum performance out of these High-end POINT OF VIEW Fermi Graphics Cards solely based on NVIDIA’s superior technology. All cards are carefully hand selected and qualified with a comprehensive burn-in test in our European testing center of TGT to ensure highest quality and stability even beyond the OC clock settings for maximized speed and performance.

Carefully optimized BIOS tuning and proprietary hardware design (POV/TGT GTX 460) result in an amazing up to 85% over-clocking efficiency. Of course all of these cards are also backed a 3 years warranty from POINT OF VIEW.

After all the testing it is time to make these cards also available to you. So why take any risk with overclocking if the Pro’s can do it for you? There will be 2 different models of POV/TGT TUNED graphics cards to start with.

The CHARGED version is the version that is clocked faster then the standard out of the box graphics card. This version is using clock speeds that are already pretty amazing.

The ULTRA CHARGED version are carefully selected graphics cards that can reach top speeds and still using the standard cooler. This top model can reach incredible high performance speeds right out of the box. All carefully tested by the TGT team to make sure you will be fascinated.

The POV / TGT water cooled editon
The dream of every gamer is of course a water cooled edition. The POV/TGT team is of course also developing a watercooled edition. We will keep you informed as soon as we are ready to release these versions as well.

Today POV/TGT will release the first 8 TGT tuned models:

  • TGT-460-A2-768-C GTX460-768MB Charged Core 780Mhz / Memory 3800Mhz
  • TGT-460-A2-768-UC GTX460-768MB Ultra Charged Core 820Mhz / Memory 4000Mhz
  • TGT-460-A2-1024-C GTX460-1024MB Charged Core 780Mhz / Memory 3800Mhz
  • TGT-460-A2-1024-UC GTX460-1024MB Ultra Charged Core 820Mhz / Memory 4000Mhz
  • TGT-470-A1-1280-C GTX470-1280MB Charged Core 650Mhz / Memory 3500Mhz
  • TGT-470-A1-1280-UC GTX470-1280MB Ultra Charged Core 680Mhz / Memory 3500Mhz
  • TGT-480-A1-1536-C GTX480-1536MB Charged Core 730Mhz / Memory 3800Mhz
  • TGT-480-A1-1536-UC GTX480-1536MB Ultra Charged Core 760Mhz / Memory 3800Mhz

by WhyCry

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