GeForce GTX460 Specification Leaked

Published: 16th Jun 2010, 11:56 GMT

GTX460 specs totally exposing,or will be the local point of Feimi -

Last week, we have lanuched some specs about NVIDIA GeForce CTX460, 336 CUDA Core, memory for the 192bit 768MB.Today we got one sectional drawing about GTX460, which we can get more information. Such as, frequency. Spec for Core / Shader /memory frequency respectively 675/1350/1800MHz, higer than GTX465(608/1215/1604MHz).

Though memory capacity, bandwidth specifications lower than GTX465, its performance will weaker than GTX465, but overall its very close. What’s more, it has OC that emphasized before, the main core is it has about 13W TDP, and GTX465 is 150W.

And its price will much lower than GTX465, be pricing at $230.
In addition, there could be presumed CUDA Core, 256bit 1GB of memory for the later, its performance may pass GTX465. Does NVIDIA make some changing in specs to balance its performance? We do not know yet, just wait.


by WhyCry

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