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Published: 30th May 2010, 15:19 GMT

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With over four hundred entries, our giveaway of the MSI N470 GTX is more popular than dry ice at an overclocking convention. Before we announce the winner though, we chucked this card into our gaming PC to see what this baby could do. Read on to see why the 470 GTX solves all of the problems of its bigger brother, the 480 GTX, and delivers a compelling experience for those who demand high-end performance.

Pulsing under the sizeable heatsink of the MSI card is NVIDIA’s steamy new 470 GTX GPU. Alongside the 480 GTX, these chips are the first to come from the new Fermi line of GPUs. The birthing of this chip was problematic to say the least. With a somewhat insane 3 billion transistors squeezed into the chip, all built on a cutting edge 40 nanometre process, it didn’t surprise anybody when NVIDIA missed their original shipping date of late 2009. It seems that the company building these chips, TSMC, simply could not deliver the kinds of yields that NVIDIA was expecting.

However, six months and a major ATI product launch later, and the problems have been solved. The MSI GeForce 470 GTX is readily available on store shelves, unlike the elusive Radeon 5890 that we gave away a few weeks back. It can be picked up for around the $475 price mark, placing it in the upper end of the video card segment, and facing off squarely against cards using the ATI 5870 chipset. It’s noticeably cheaper than the 480 GTX cards on the market, but according to our benchmarks delivers around 90% of the performance.


by WhyCry

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