EVGA Upgrades GeForce GTX 470 Reference Design

Published: 21st May 2010, 20:28 GMT

techPowerUp! News :: EVGA Upgrades GeForce GTX 470 Reference Design

At a time when every NVIDIA board partner is designing catchy non-reference design graphics cards based on the GeForce GTX 470, EVGA applied its wisdom on simply bettering the NVIDIA reference design to make the card look not only better, but also work cooler. Dubbed the EVGA GeForce GTX 470 SuperClocked+, the card has two new features, the High Flow bracket, and a back-plate. The High Flow bracket is merely a bracket with more opening than the reference design one, which allows better ventilation.

The back-plate works as a heatspreader over components on the reverse-side of the PCB, especially drawing heat from the area behind the GPU, it is highly perforated and attracts convectional air-flow. Aside from cooling, the back-plate adds to the card’s aesthetics. With SC clock speeds of 625/1250/850 (3402) MHz (core/shader/memory), the EVGA GTX 470 SC+ is priced at $375 on the company’s online store.

by WhyCry

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