NVIDIA to release 512 cores Fermi cards in future

Published: 1st May 2010, 14:55 GMT

China to become the driver of future revenues growth: Q&A with NVIDIA general manager of MCP business Drew HenryWith numerous negative rumors surrounding the discrete graphics card market regarding NVIDIA’s new GeForce 480/470 (Fermi) graphics chip, and facing competition from AMD, Digitimes recently had chance to talk to Drew Henry, NVIDIA general manager of MCP business regarding the company’s comment about these rumors as well as its strategy for the future.

Q: What are your comments on the rumors that NVIDIA has blocked some graphics cores with problems on their GeForce 480/470 chips causing these chips to have less than 512 cores due to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company’s (TSMC’s) low yields?

A: NVIDIA does not comment on unannounced products; however, we have a chance to launch a graphics chip with 512 cores in the future.

TSMC’s yields for its 40nm process has met our expectations and market rumors about the yields being lower than 20% are completely untrue. We currently have everything under control.


by WhyCry

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