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NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 Ti     VideoCardz.com


Manufacturer: NVIDIA

Specs status:Official

GPU Series: GeForce 600

GPU Model: GK104-300-KD-A2

Fabrication Process: 28nm

GPCs / SMXs: 4 / 7

CUDA Cores: 1344

TMUs: 112

ROPs: 24


Dimensions (inches): – / – / Dual-slot

Display Outputs: 1 / 1 / 1 / 1 / 0 / 0


Bus Support: PCI-E 3.0 x16

DirectX Support: 11

OpenGL Support: 4.1


Base Clock: 980 MHz

Boost Clock: 1032 MHz

Shaders Clock: 980 MHz

Memory Clock: 1502 MHz

Effective Memory Clock: 6008 MHz


Memory Size: 2048 MB

Memory Type: GDDR5

Memory Bus Type: 192-bit

Memory Bandwidth: 144 GB/sec


Power Draw 150 W / – W

Min Required PSU: 550 W

Power Connectors: 2 x 6-pin

Temperature: – C / – C / – C

Noise Level: – dBA / – dBA


3DMark11 Score

3DMark Vantage


Release Date:August 16h, 2012

Launch Price: $299


ASUS Preps GeForce GTX 660 Ti Dragon Edition

ASUS will soon introduce a new GeForce GTX 660 Ti model. Following the special edition of the Radeon HD 7850, the manufacturer decided to also add a GeForce card to the Dragon Series. The ASUS GTX 660 Ti Dragon is considered to be the fastest model of this particular GPU. The card is factory-overclocked to […]

MSI Shows GeForce GTX 660 Ti PE Gaming Edition with Red Twin Frozr IV Cooler

MSI has showcased their new graphics card with a red Twin Frozr IV cooling solution. Red Twin Frozr IV is not for Titan In my previous post I mentioned that a custom GTX Titan from MSI might receive a Twin Frozr cooler, as it turned out, the red one, which was teased by the manufacturer, […]

Gigabyte Adds GeForce GTX 660 Ti 3GB WindForce 3X

Gigabyte Adds GeForce GTX 660 Ti 3GB WindForce 3X

Today, Gigabyte has added a new graphics card to it’s NVIDIA line-up. The new GeForce GTX 660 Ti received a triple-fan cooling solution, known from other high-end models. The latest Gigabyte’s GTX 660 Ti also has a doubled amount of memory. Card is equipped with 3GB of GDDR5 chips across 192-bit interface. New model is […]

Colorful Readies iGame GTX660 Ti World Cyber Games Edition

It looks like Colorful has finally launched a card which is not black or white (long story short it’s colorful). The fact that it’s based on the dual-fan Shark Bionic cooler and painted in multiple colors, will surely make this card distinctive. Colorful is to release a limited edition of the GeForce GTX 660 Ti […]

Gigabyte Also Launches GTX 660 Ti 3GB and GTX 670 with 4GB Memory

Gigabyte has prepared three new models of GeForce graphics cards. These are all card with higher memory capacity.

EVGA Drops EVBot Support for GeForce GTX 680 Classified Edition

It seems that few flagship models from EVGA, MSI and ASUS might not offer its most important overclocking features any more.

ZOTAC announces ZOTAC GeForce GTX 660 Ti AMP! Extreme Edition

ZOTAC Announces GeForce GTX 660 Ti AMP! Extreme Edition

HONG KONG – Sept. 27, 2012 – ZOTAC International, a global innovator and manufacturer of graphics cards, mainboards and mini-PCs, today pushes the ZOTAC GeForce® GTX 660 Ti to extremes with the new limited edition ZOTAC GeForce® GTX 660 Ti AMP! Extreme Edition. The ZOTAC GeForce® GTX 660 Ti AMP! Extreme Edition goes beyond the […]

ELSA Announces GeForce GTX 660 Ti S.A.C

ELSA has finally launched its GeForce GTX 660 Ti S.A.C graphics cards. And yes, that’s a Ti model.

NVIDIA Mulls Price-Cuts on GeForce GTX 660Ti

According to WCCFTech, NVIDIA might introduce some price-cuts for GeForce GTX 660 Ti cards, which would happen on the same day GTX 660 non-Ti launches. This week KitGuru reported that the sales of GTX 660 Ti are very sluggish. The problem with the GTX 660 Ti price is quite simple, the fastest factory-overclocked version cost […]

Gigabyte Adds Three New Models – GTX 660Ti, HD 7750 and HD 7850

Gigabyte added three new models to the listing. These are: a GTX 660 Ti model, 1GB version of HD 7850 and 2GB version of HD 7750. Gigabyte GTX 660 Ti WindForce 2X OC EU (GV-N66TOC-2GD-EU) What Gigabyte added is a ‘new’ model with a small addition of two letters – EU. My investigation revealed that […]

NVFlash 5.127 Adds Support for GTX 650 and GTX 660

TechPowerUP updated their BIOS flashing utility for NVIDIA cards. This new version adds support for two upcoming Kepler cards – GeForce GTX 660 and GTX 650. Right now, this tool is quite useless (considering new cards), since there are no such cards on the market, but it means that TPU team has already received final […]

AXLE Launches GeForce GTX 660Ti

AXLE announces it’s custom GeForce GTX 660Ti. AXLE is a worldwide company — their cards are available on every major continent. AXLE GTX660Ti has a non-refernce cooling solution with two fans. It arrives with a reference clocks: 915 MHz for base and 980 MHz for boost. Memory is also left intact — 1502 MHz. The […]

ZOTAC Adds Two More Models of GeForce GTX 660 Ti

During the official launch on August 16h ZOTAC has officially announced two models worldwide. But on Chinese market there are two additional models, which are not available in other countries yet. When we get into details, there are currently four models of GTX 660 Ti from ZOTAC, all based on the same non-reference cooling solution. […]


Emtek Launches XENON and HV GeForce GTX660 Ti Graphics Cards

Emtek, a Korean graphics cards manufacturer, has launched three new cards. Continuing with my interest in Asian market, I will show you another interesting brand. Emtek’s line-up includes two sub-brands, XENON and HV. XENON cards are based on Palit’s design, while HV card are similar to Galaxy and Gainward line-up. Company is also offering EVGA, […]

POINT of VIEW and TGT Announcing GTX 660Ti 2GB UltraCharged

PEnhanced Auto-Overclocking of up to 1200 MHz or higher, 1033 MHz Base Clock, 1111 MHz Boost Clock Eindhoven / Miami / Rio de Janeiro / Taipei / Tokyo / Madrid / Munich – August 17, 2012 – Point of View the leading European manufacturer of an exclusive range NVIDIA based 3D processor boards, advanced netbooks […]

GIGABYTE Unveils GeForce GTX 660 Ti WINDFORCE 2X Graphics Cards

WINDFORCE™ 2X 100mm Fansink equipped with “Triangle Cool” Technology! Super Cool! Super Quiet! Taipei, Taiwan, 16th August, 2012 – GIGABYTE Technology Co. LTD, a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards, is pleased to introduce the latest own-designed gaming graphics card, GV-N66TOC-2GD. Based on the innovative Kepler architecture of NVIDIA, GIGABYTE GV-N66TOC-2GD is built with […]

(Update #8) GeForce GTX 660 Ti Graphics Cards Roundup

I have prepared a complete list of all known GeFprce GTX 660 Ti cards that will be released on August 16th. The lists contain various models, including 3GB variants and those based on non-reference PCB. GeForce GTX 660 Ti graphics card is based on GK104-300-KD-A2 GPU, which has 1344 CUDA cores, 112 TMUs, and 24 […]

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 Ti Reviews Roundup

Ok, I finally finished this. I won’t update this any more, there’s no point. There are enough reviews here. You can see how many cards have been sent for reviews by manufacturers. I have received none (I’m probably not really liked by them). Anyway here’s the lists of all reviews. Picture Graphics Card Reviewing Website […]

Gainward Releases GeForce GTX 660 Ti Series

Gainward GeForce GTX 660 Ti Phantom – The Silent Beast. With great success of Gainward GeForce GTX 680 Phantom, Gainward introduces its little brother of Phantom series – Gainward GeForce GTX 660 Ti Phantom. It is so-called “Silent Beast”. The Gainward GeForce GTX 660 Ti Phantom, with the DNA of his big brother – GTX […]

CyberpowerPC Announces New Desktop Series Based on GeForce GTX 660 Ti

BALDWIN PARK, CA (August 16, 2012) – CyberPower Inc. www.cyberpowerpc.com, a global manufacturer of custom gaming machines, today announced it will integrate NVIDIA’s powerful next generation Kepler-powered GeForce GTX 660 Ti graphics card into its line of midrange to high-end desktop gaming PCs. The GeForce GTX 660 Ti adds a new dimension to the GeForce […]

PNY Announces GeForce GTX 660 Ti XLR8 Performance Edition

PNY Technologies®, Inc. (“PNY”) today announced the XLR8™ GeForce® GTX 660 Ti 2048MB GDDR5 graphics card. The GeForce GTX 660 Ti adds a new dimension to the game-changing NVIDIA® Kepler-powered family of graphics cards by delivering the ideal fusion of performance, power efficiency, and affordability. Get the weapon of choice for gamers – the GeForce […]