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Sep 1st, 2014

MSI teases GeForce GTX 980/970 Gaming with Twin Frozr V

MSI GeForce GTX 980 970 Twin Frozr V

MSI began showing its upcoming Twin Frozr V cooler for the next high-end graphics cards, including upcoming GeForce 900 series.

The new Twin Frozr V cooler has went through some major design changes since we last saw it at Computex. At least three heat pipes have been redirected to the outside. The heat sink is completely new from what we saw at Computex. For instance, fin arrays are now pointing to different direction.

The 3D model is most likely showing the new GeForce GTX 980 Gaming graphics card. First we have two SLI fingers, two 6pin power connectors (which are enough to power this beast), and default display configuration, which was recently also adopted by AMD.

The part that is not clearly shown at the picture is the new fan design. Twin Frozr V will benefit from the use of radax fans, known from previous mini ITX cards.

Twin Frozr V prototype from Computex

MSI_Twin_Frozr_V-3   MSI Twin Frozr V (5) MSI Twin Frozr V (4)

Author: WhyCry