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Aug 21st, 2014

AMD Radeon R9 285 arrives September 2nd, preliminary information in 2 days

AMD Radeon R9 285 NDA lift date

AMD will officially introduce Tonga GPU in just over two days.

During the live AMD event celebrating 30 years in graphics innovation, some preliminary information about Tonga processor will be released, but the exact specs and performance figures will likely stay confidential till September 2nd.

The event will likely cover more topics than just one mid-range GPU.
However, without a doubt, Tonga is a major part of it.

First to be released graphics card equipped with Tonga is called Radeon R9 285, and it will replace Radeon R9 280.
A month later Radeon R9 285X will be introduced, which will succeed R9 280X.

Both cards are expected to feature 256b memory bus. There are 2GB and 4GB variants in the making. R9 285 and R9 285X will likely differ in Stream Processor count. However, we have not yet confirmed how many cores card has (it is said that R9 285 has 1792 and 285X has 2048 though).

Both cards will challenge upcoming Maxwell graphics cards with aggressive pricing and power efficient architecture.