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Sep 20th, 2012

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti Specification Leaked

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti Specification Leaked
ArabPCWorld has some exclusive information about upcoming mid-range graphics card from NVIDIA.

Fist of all, they are referring to it as GeForce GTX 650 Ti, meaning that this would be the final name for this model. The specification of this card is not shocking, but it quite noticeable difference in comparison to GTX 660. If the information is true, then NVIDIA has disabled two streaming multiprocessors (SMXs) on the GK106 GPU, meaning it will have only 576 CUDA cores. But before you feel disappointed, I have even more bad news, since this model will be launched with 128-bit memory interface. So this card might not be the best choice for gamers. Also if the APCW’s diagram is valid, then the GTX 650 Ti will be missing 32 texture mapping units, well at least it will have full 24 ROPs.

GeForce GTX 650 Ti will be equipped with 1GB of GDDR5 memory, which will be clocked at 5400 MHz (400MHz more than GTX 650). As for the GPU, it will not feature any boost clock, just a base speed of 960 MHz.

Fortunately though, it will consume only 75 to 85W. The additional 6-pin connector can increase the TDP through overclocking to much higher level — the source is mentioning 150W, which I find very unlikely.

This card could have been a good budget addition to the Kepler lineup, but now I’m not so sure, we will have to wait for some tests. Well at least NVIDIA is finally creating some noticeable gaps between their entry-level and mid-range segment of graphics cards. There are no pictures of this card yet, also the pricing has not been revealed. My assumption is that most of the GTX 650 Ti models will look similar to already launched GTX 650/660 cards (depending on the manufacturer). GeForce GTX 650 Ti will launch around October 9th.


According to Softpedia card should cost between $149 and $169.

Specifications GeForce GTX 660 Ti GeForce GTX 660 GeForce GTX 650 Ti GeForce GTX 650
Chip GK104 GK106 GK106 GK107
CUDA Cores 1344 960 576 384
TMUs 112 80 48 32
ROPs 24 24 24 16
Base Clock 915 MHz 980 MHz 960 MHz 1058 MHz
Boost Clock 980 MHz 1033 MHz N/A N/A
Memory Configuration 2 GB 2 GB 1 GB 1 GB
Memory Speed 6.0 Gbps 6.0 Gbps 5.4 Gbps 5.0 Gbps
Memory Bandwidth 144 GB/s 144 GB/s 86 GB/s 80 GB/s
Power Connectors 2 x 6-pin 6-pin 6-pin 6-pin
TDP 150 W 150 W 85 W 64 W
SLI Options 3-way 2-way TBA N/A
Price $299 $229 TBA $109