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Jul 16th, 2012

GeForce GTS 650 Is 3% Faster Than GTS 550 Ti

GeForce GTS 650 Is 3% Faster Than GTS 550 Ti
According to Vga.it168.com August will be a very busy month. Almost certainly NVIDIA will launched their GTX 660 graphics card, but the latest rumors say that company is preparing GTS 650 for that month too.

The upcoming mid-range NVIDIA’s lineup would look like this: GeForce GT 640 GD3, GTS 650 GD5, GTX 660 and GTX 660 Ti (it’s unknown whether card will receive GT or GTS naming). It168 claims that they got some unofficial information about performance of GeForce GTS 650. Card would perform slightly better than actual GTX 550 Ti model. What is also interesting, GT 650 would be based on GK107 Kepler GPU, that is a 384 CUDA cores powered chip. The main difference between GT 640 and GTS 650 is in memory type — GeForce GTS 650 would feature GDDR5 memory. Also the card would have higher clocks, reaching about 1000 MHz for core and 4800 MHz for memory.

The performance gap mentioned in the title is based on gaming experience, not synthetic tests. Source say that due to NDA they are not allowed to be more detailed about games used for such comparison. Needless to say, card is almost refreshed GTX 550 Ti, even though it’s a completely new architecture it performs almost identical. The interesting part is where GT 650 has 44% better performance than GT 640 in games. Would GDDR3 memory bottleneck the GK107 GPU at such a high level? Hard to say.

Nevertheless, what this all means is that NVIDIA will not release GeForce GT 640 with GDDR5 memory, because this is exactly GT 650 card. Since GT 640’s maximum power draw is 50W, it is very likely that GT 650 will not require any power connectors, while PCI-E 3.0 slot will easily deliver required 75W.

This rumored/leaked information about performance indicates that this card will possibly be launched with GTX 660 — that’s third week of August.

  GeForce GT 640 GeForce GTS 650
GPU 28nm GK107 28nm GK107
CUDA Cores 384 384
Memory Size 1GB or 2GB 1GB or 2GB
Memory Type GDDR3 GDDR5
Memory Interface 128-bit 128-bit
Core Clock 900 MHz > 1000 MHz
Effective Memory Clock 1800 MHz > 4800 MHz
Price $99 > $120
TDP 50W ~70W