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Mar 29th, 2012

GeForce GT 640, GTX 650 Coming in May, GTX 660 Specifications

NVIDIA Kepler GK107 to Lauch in May - Expreview.com
According to multiple sources NVIDIA may release new cards for mid-range market based on GK107 in May, along with GTX 670 Ti/non-Ti based on GK104.

Specifications of mid-range GPUs are clarifying. NVIDIA will release two cards based on GK107 GPU, one with GDDR5 memory and the other with GDDR3 memory. Those cards will most likely replace current GTX 550 Ti. They will be named respectively GTX 650 and GT 640. GK107 will have 384 CUDA cores, but the count of TMUs and ROPs is not yet revealed. We can expect those cards in May. These cards should be priced around €100.

3DCenter has posted specifications of GK106 GPU, which will likely power graphics card named GTX 660. It will pack 768 CUDA cores with 64 texture and 24 raster operating units. It will most likely have 192-bit memory interface and be equipped with 1.5 of 2GB of GDDR5 memory. This card will be released in summer for around €200.

There are no specifications of the rest cards based on GK104 core yet. Those cards are GTX 670 Ti, GTX 670 and GTX 690. First two should be available in May. GTX 670 Ti will be priced at £320 (around €380/$390) and GTX 670 will have a price tag of £240 (~€290/$300). Even though these cards are based on GK104 GPU (same as GTX 680) it is unknown if they will feature same number of CUDA cores and TMUs/ROPs. They will most likely have reduced CUDA cores or at least lower overclocking capabilities.

We still look forward to first leaks regarding GK110 GPU. Card which was originally to replace GTX 580, was shifted to later date. It would have 2304 CUDA cores and most likely leave all the competition (from own backyard) behind. NVIDIA will surely analyze how releasing of GTX 680 4GB will impact whole market. Then plans for GK110 may even be abandoned.

NVIDIA Roadmap by 3DCenter.org

Estimated specifications of future Kepler GPUs

GTX 670 Ti GTX 670 GTX 660 GTX 650 (Ti) GT 640
GPU GK104 GK104 GK106 GK107 GK107
CUDA Cores ~1280-1536 ~1280-1536 768 384 384
TMUs ~128 ~128 64 ~48 ~48
ROPs ~32 ~32 24 ~16 ~16
Memory Interface 256-bit 256-bit ~192-bit 128-bit 128-bit
Memory Size 2 GB 2 GB 1.5/2 GB ~1.5 GB ~1.5 GB
TDP ~170 W ~160 W ~130W ~120 ~110
Release Date May May July-September May May