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Mar 15th, 2012

GeForce GTX 680 GK104 Final PCB Exposed

New PCB Shot of GK104 GeForce GTX 680 Leaked
PCINLIFE posted new picture of final board for GeForce Kepler GK104 gpu. Black color suggest it’s a final version of PCB for GeForce GTX 680.

New photograph does not provide any new information, beside being more detailed. GeForce GTX 680 PCB has 8 memory chips with 256 MB of GDDR5, which makes 2048 MB in total. Memory has 256-bit interface. Board is powered by stacked 6 pin connectors, which are stabilized by 5 phase VRM. Card will consume up to 195 Watts. GK104 gpu which is visible on this picture has a 300 mm^2 die size.

Card is equipped with DisplayPort, HDMI and two DVI-DL connectors. GeForce GTX 680 is prepared for Quad-SLI configurations.

PCI-Express 3.0 was covered by a piece of paper to hide serials numbers. NVIDIA is probably sending reference GTX 680s to reviewers, which are not allowed to distribute any information before official release date.

Here are all the photographs and original PCB diagram of GTX 680 that have been leaked so far:

Author: WhyCry