Radeon HD 6770 and Radeon 6750 Specification

Published: September 27th, 2010 | Comments

Radeon 6700 Series Specs Leak - ScreenshotThe slide we were all waiting for, presenting specifications of next generation Radeon graphics cards. Sheet gives us specific information about cards based on new Barts graphics core. As it turned out Barts XT denotes Radeon HD 6770, while Barts Pro confirms Radeon HD 6750 specifications. Barts features doubled memory bandwidth mainly because its 256 memory bus width. Cypress successor uses a more efficient 4D stream processor design. Stream processors number leveled up to 1280 on Radeon 6770 and 1120 on Radeon 6750.

Z/Stencil performance shot up more than 100% over Cypress core. Barts reference design is capable of running memory at 1250MHz (5000 MHz effective), although reference cards will be running 1050MHz (R6770) and 1000MHz (R6750).

SpecificationRadeon HD 5750Radeon HD 5770Radeon HD 5850Radeon HD 5870Radeon HD 6750Radeon HD 6770
GPU:Juniper PROJuniper XTCypress PROCypress XTBarts PROBarts XT
Engine Clock:700 MHz8500 MHz725 MHz850 MHz725 MHz900 MHz
Stream Processors144 (x5)160 (x5)288 (x5)320 (x5)280 (x4)320 (x4)
Compute Performance:1.008 TFLops1.360 TFLops2.088 TFLops2.720 TFLops1.624 TFLops2.304 TFLops
Texture Units:36 (9×4)40 (10×4)72 (18×4)80 (20×4)56 (14×4)64 (16×4)
Texture Fillrate:25.2 GTexel/s34.0 GTexel/s52.2 GTexel/s68.0 GTexel/s40.6 GTexel/s57.6 GTexel/s
Raster Operators:16 (4×4)16 (4×4)32 (8×4)32 (8×4)32 (8×4)32 (8×4)
Pixel Fillrate:11.2 GPixel/s13.6 GPixel/s23.2 GPixel/s27.2 GPixel/s23.2 GPixel/s28.8 GPixel/s
Z/Stencil:44.8 GSamples/s54.4 GSamples/s92.8 GSamples/s108.8 GSamples/s92.8 GSamples/s115.2 GSamples/s
Memory Type:GDDR5 5.0GbpsGDDR5 5.0GbpsGDDR5 5.0GbpsGDDR5 5.0GbpsGDDR5 5.0GbpsGDDR5 5.0Gbps
Memory Clock:115012001000120010001050
Memory Data Rate:4.6 Gbps4.8 Gbps4.0 Gbps4.8 Gbps4.0 Gbps4.2 Gbps
Memory Bandwidth:73.6 GB/s76.8 GB/s128.0 GB/s153.6 GB/s128.0 GB/s134.4 GB/s
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