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Jul 15th, 2010

Sapphire Radeon HD 5670 Ultimate & HD 5550 OC Review @ OCClub

Sapphire Radeon HD 5670 Ultimate & HD 5550 OC Review - Overclockers Club

Are you looking for a new video card for your system? If you’re looking for something that’s going to be able to play just about all the games out there; but maximum settings are not a requirement, you may just be in luck with two of the newest budget cards from Sapphire. They have just released their HD 5670 Ultimate and the HD 5550 overclocked cards. These cards use ATI’s new GPUs to allow for DX11 gaming which is what these cards are designed to allow you to do.

It is always a constant battle between all of the mainstream budget cards, so I am very curious to see exactly how these cards will stack up against the competition in their class.

The packaging for the Sapphire Radeon HD 5670 Ultimate is completely white, giving the product a very elegant overall look before you even open it up. The top left hand corner is where you are going to find the Sapphire logo printed and as you move over to the right hand corner, you will see the ArcSoft SimHD plugin tag as well as the 1GB GDDR5 tag. There is an image of a warrior woman who also happens to be wearing white and light gray clothes wielding a sward go give you the impression that the HD 5670 Ultimate is ready for battle against the other cards. Along the bottom of the package is where you are going to find a few more badges to let you know some of the main specifications and features that the card has such as ATI Eyefinity Multi-Display, Onboard DisplayPort and HDMI, CrossFireX Ready and ATI STREAM GPU Processing; you are also going to find the Microsoft DirectX 11, PCI Express 2.1, and Superfast memory tags. When you take a look at the back of the package, you will find the gamer face with a pair of headphones or earmuffs on, with the tag ling under it saying “Silent Passive Cooling….” letting you know that the card is going to be 100% silent as it has no fans installed on the heatsink. You are also going to find a bunch of badges on the back such as Microsoft DirectX 11, ATI Eyefinity Multi-Display, ATI CrossFireX, Advanced Memory, HDMI with Audio Support, Shader Model 5, and ATI Stream Technology which we will get into later when we look at all the specifications and features of the card.